Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Raw & Wild Market Café, Bowral

All right this one is at Bowral. We were driving by and we stopped over at this cute  and small little village/ town which is famous for  Sir Bradman's museum.  Now today was an exceptionally sunny and yet chilly and windy day. We ended up in the raw & wild market café, which is placed at the starting of the town.  As we enter into the store, there is all kind of beautiful fresh produce – all organic. As you go further into the store, there is the café, comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors. Of course today for lunch, with the winds and chill outside, the seating had to be inside.

As we settled in, to begin with, we started with a cup of hot chocolate and skim latte. The coffee and the hot chocolate were both really good and much needed to warm us up. Looked into the menu and there were a number of vegetarian and vegan options. We were tempted between a number of options- the lasagne, the croquet madam, the burgers. We decided to order the organic lamb burger and the Wild Croquet Madam.

The service is a bit slow. The Lamb burger comes up and it looks wow. It came with this great salad, fries and garlic aioli. The chips were good, with skins and delicious. The fresh wild rocket and the salad had a great crunch and somehow, the veggies and the salad tasted much better, making me think that perhaps organic food is great. The burger on the whole was descent and the lamb was fresh. There was a bit of a strong lamb taste and smell but nonetheless, it was good. Overall, I only hoped that there was a bit more of flavouring. The fresh organic produce undoubtedly was great and the chilli jam and fresh baby tomatos was great as well. But being hard core comfort food junkie who loves and lives to eat his burgers, I only wished that there flavour combination could have been a bit better. Its good to have everything fresh, but if the burger is not greasy and sloppy and cheesy- then not sure what it is. For me, it was just a bit bland.

My partner in crime ordered the croquet madam, which came up with a great salad with beetroot chips which were crunchy and delicious. There was organic sourdough, along with roasted pumpkin, grilled chicken and a sunny side up eggs. Again, very fresh produce, but my partner and I only wished that there was a bit more of flavour to tie the ingredients together.  It was a bit bland to our taste.
Most of the mains were in the range of 16 to 20 dollars and the portion sizes were quite good, so felt a bit stuffed as we left.
Would we come here again? Most definitely if I am in Bowral, I’d like to visit this place and try a few other things next time. Overall, the fresh organic produce interested me. The taste was probably a 6 on 10 this time.

250 Bong Bong St, Bowral NSW 2576
(02) 4861 3129

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