Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stonegrill, Huskisson

All right, this one is about the Jervis Bay. A small little village called Huskisson, a coastal town. Surrounded by clean pristine beaches, national parks, the whitest beaches in the world.  So here we were after a day full of activities, an awesome breakfast, walking around the shores, exploring nearby small beaches such as the Orion beach, and Hyams beach. Well, after resting for a bit, we walke out to the main street to search for a good dining options. Huskisson is a small village and closes pretty early. Around 8:30 P.M afterwards, very few options are open.  There is the RSL club with a few options, The Huskisson on Jervis Bay, Dominoes and the Stone Grill.

Well, it wasn’t 8:30 and we were just roaming around trying to figure out what we wanted. I went up to Huskisson on the Jervis, which had some pub food and some other variants that didn’t really tempt me much. We were a bit full from a late lunch of fish and ice cream, so while there was hunger, it was disguised. Wanted something light and yet filling. Confusing isn’t it. Anyways, a pizza joint was closed, no Dominoes, no Indian and no pub food, and no wine bar.

Well, we went into Stone Grill. It was one of high end restaurants, and inquired if we had a reservation. Well we didn’t and hence we went into the right side of the restaurant, and were put on a table with the condition that we might have to share the table. We settled in and well, this was a bit of a concept restaurant I think. The restaurants specialty is the stone grill. Apparently they give you a big volcanic rock along with a portion of a meat. The concept is that you cook the meat to your perfection and choice on the stone grill and have it. The deal is usually a portion of meat, along with salad and/or pasta with some dressing and a sweet dish for about 30 bucks. Well, we were not too much of a grill person, and not beef or pork eaters.
Well, I ordered a dish that was on the ala carte menu. A grilled Moroccan chicken. The other dish which my partner selected was the creamy garlic prawns. Well, the chicken had a description of a Moroccan chicken and some mashed potatoes and some special sauce. I wasn’t sure initially on how the Moroccan chicken would turn out to be. Eventually when it arrived, wel let me just say I was overwhelmed. It was beautiful. There was a tower of potatoes stacked and on top of that there was Moroccan curries types of chicken and some spinach. There was a bit of a yellow curry like sauce on the entire plate. Very well decorated. A few bites and the chicken was gorgeous. It was mild spice, a bit like Indian spices but not exactly. The spinach went well and the potatoes stack was actually not the fine mash, but the mash from boiled potatoes. It was chunky. Well I ordered some rice and well, I had what I just loved. Something like a very mild chicken gravy with potatoes.  To be honest, it was unbelievable and awesome. Just hit the spot.
The garlic prawns were good. The standard what you’d expect. Coincidentally, I had this dish in Melbourne and it was the exact same. Creamy prawns in a garlic cream. Quite delicious as well. But somehow the chicken had me fallen in love.
Next came the desserts and there were quite a few options. Now we weren’t really in the mood to have a tiramisu or the crème bruelee. We noticed a desert and the name fails me, but this looked interesting. When it came, we were in awe. What an awesome dessert. It had this chocolate bowl- like a flat bowl made out of chocolate. Inside it had fresh strawberries, sliced and kept at the bottom, and topped with a delicious chocolate mousse, topped with fresh crème and a chocolate grid standing on top. Full on marks for the presentation of this senses- it literally made me want to eat it out. The mousse was wonderful along with the sight tangy strawberry. I loved tis dish and would recommend highly.
Well, all in all, a perfect meal. The beautiful Moroccan chicken and the amazing dessert. If be dying to come back here again given a chance.
Shop 1/48 Owen St, Huskisson NSW 2540
Phone:(02) 4441 7070
Hours: Open today · 5:30 – 10:00 pm

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