Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bench, Newtown

All right. This one is about Bench wine Bar situated at Newtown. Well it all started with a Friday evening. One of my close mate and myself finished work and walked into Newtown. Agenda was to find a good place to sit and relax, have a quiet little drink and then maybe some good food in one of the eateries. Being the winter, a regular pub was not on our agenda.  Walking towards on the king street, we walked all the way towards St Peters station. I do remember a nice a place that I had passed a number of time, which was close to Corelli’s Café, but unfortunately I couldn’t see it. Another place where we went but it was a bit too dark and dodgy. As we walked back from St Peters, we came across Bench, which seemed to be a nice place.

As we entered, I think the ambience did win our hearts and we settled for the table with the couch.

 The décor is great. A bit dark with multi coloured lights in the corners, which gives it a very chic and modern feeling. On the left corner are the instruments placed, suggesting live music. A large wall hand painitjng on the right side, bar stools and stools overlooking the window on the road outside. Very modern, casual and yet comfortable and elegant. As the name suggests, it is a wine bar. In terms of wine, they have a very long wine list with wine from France, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and our own Australia.

The food menu is interesting. They have small eats and bigger eats- all wine suggestions. We started with the Chicken Nacho’s which were great. Quite delicious, topped with salsa, chicken and cheese. We tried a NZ red and it was perfect. Some great conversation and a comfortable place.
The food item which I tried next and which I swear by is the Buffalo Wings. Out of the world. Spicy, and delicious- I just cant get over the craving. Ever since my first visit, I have visited this place almost 4 times in the last one month and the chicken wings are to die for. An absolute must have to order.

All in all, a great place to sit, have a few drinks with some nibbles. Lovely ambience, and very relazxing and soothing. They have Jazz and Live singers on Sunday evenings, which adds it up.

Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm
Sunday from 4pm
 PH 95577428

503-511 King Street, Newtown

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