Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Italian Bowl

Well when it comes to Italian, I must say this is one cuisine which I have craved as I grew up, but never got what I wanted. To me Italian wasn't about the pizzas at golden bakery or at Nirulas , Dominoes and Pizza Hut. But as I grew up, I realized that its more than just pizza's and pasta's.

While the craving for pizzas was still managed, pasta was the disappointment for me. IN India, pasta's became the new buzz and suddenly from pizza hut to even the marriage ceremonies made pasta an integral part. Its funny because initially Pasta indicated an elite marriage if it was there in the menu. A separate counter with a board CONTINENTAL would proudly flaunt a chef with various ingredients and make live pasta.  very soon pasta was Indianised and embraced with open arms by the middle class in India and resembled the new age India, eager to prove a point that we are multi-cultural...pasta curry and pasta makahni...

Not going  any further in the Indian journey of pasta, the point is when I tried at various places, some how it didn't hit the spot. When I came over to Australia, I tried a few more times. While it was better than in India, still didn't like it. After so many trials I reconciled with myself and said maybe I over estimated and maybe the cuisine is good but I don't have a taste or appreciation.

That was until I visited ITALIAN BOWL. A quite little eatery in Newtown on the main street. As I get off the train and walk on the main road outside the station to the right, towards Thai Pothong, Newtown hotel and the city, Italian bowl is on the left hand side of the road.

Its a but squished but the fact that it is usually food signifies the good food. The specialty is an open kitchen they have. You can sit on the counter facing the kitchen or on the chairs and tables.

Once you find a place, go to the kitchen and order the food and pay. The menu allows you to customize your order. Select thr type of pasta( penne, gnochi, spaghetti, etc) select the size and the sauce ( arabiatta or alfredo) and finally select the dish.

My usual order would be
Garlic and herb bread
Greek Salad and

I have tried a couple of pasta over there. Chicken with peppercorn style which I order with alfredo sauce and penne pasta and add mushrooms is just perfect and heavenly. The pasta is perfectly cooked, the sauce is beautiful white and creamy but optimum and not too cheesy. The mushrooms chicken and peppercorn all blend in well. In short the best pasta I have had so far. And yes I would specially go to that locality only to eat Pasta.
The other pasta is the prawn one with fettuccine  Its light flavored, slightly oiled with prawns. It may seems bland initially but trust me, after a few bites when the garlic comes to your mouth you love it. The beauty of it is the simple taste.

Tried the greek salad and its good as well.

A good place to go.
Cheap eat.
Meal for two is AUD 30-40.
Accept EFTPOS ( MIN AUD 20)

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255 King Street 
SydneyNSW 2042

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hot dogs in sydney

Well, ever seen those movies on hbo where they show New York, the busy streets and the police detective stopping momentarily to buy a hot dog before he moves on. And in the next frame is a close up of the juicy sausage topped with mustard and when the first bite is taken, its a momentary orgasm when time stops, people on the street stop and wait for the taste to be savoured with every bite till it mashes and melts and you take the gulp. And then everything resumes.
Having seen this again and again, I for one have developed a craving for the perfect hotdog. But here comes the twist. Being the Indian HIndu fan prohibits me from trying the hot dog everywhere as the sausage is made out of beef and pork, both prohibited. In fact I did try out the pork sausage once accidentally and another time pretendingly accidentally in Netherlands.
Coming back to my love for hot dogs, I set upon the journey for the ideal Indian hot dog options nd experience in the aussie land. Determined to gi as far as I can, there were loads of disappointment until I came across two places.
Place 1: chatswood street market, thursday and friday.
When you come out if the train station and go up the escalator to the right of tue bus interchange, the street markets start off. The street market is every Thursday and one of the first shops is the hot dog shop. Its a german shop and sells simple hotdogs and nothing else. A few varieties avaliable but the one i tried is the chicken sausage. You order, and he grills on the hot plate before putting it onto a roll. Add saukerkrat or the fried onions with a bit of hot mustard nd served within minutes. Must say the mustard is quite the zing on a winter night. Good wholesome hotdog for 6or 7 bucks. NOT A BAD DEAL AT ALL.
If I am in the area.. Id definitely go in.
More details
Phone +61 412 984 221
Option 2:
Westfeild mall near pit street in the city (sydney). Food court on the level below max brenner.
There is this hot dog shop which i think hit the spot for me. Lods of options in different styles. Went in for the chicken hot dog and it nearly made me cry. Delicate and juicy chicken sausage, topped with parmesan cheese and rocket and freah tomato.
I'd say the best one I have had till now and trust me, it worth a visit. You have tge options to customize your hotdog as well with the type of roll etc.
The place is called Snag Stand. Place for Haute Dawgs. They brand themselves as gourmet hot dogs and artisan in nature.
I also tried the lamb and rosemary hotdog and liked it, all though to be honest its the chicken one  I remember. Meal under aud 15. They serve chips, salads and cold drinks with the hot dogs.
Would I go there again?
Yes, Id definitely go there if I am craving for hot dogs
Level 5 food court, 188 pitt street.
can be frustrating...

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